This is the biggest and only middle school PTO fundraiser of the year with our students.  Children receive a packet of information on the sale with detailed instructions. A large component of the sale are the online sales. Student’s are encouraged to go online and register, build their avatar, and send out emails to generate sales. Email addresses will not be added to any lists or receive any marketing emails, they are only used for the magazine drive.

Turn in dates:

Thursday, October 5th
The first turn in day is the online bonus day where for each online order the student receives a chocolate bar that could be stashed with cash!

Thursday, October 12th

Thursday, October 19th

How it works:
Student’s turn in their paper or online sales on the stage in the Commons starting at 7:00am.  There will also be a $50 drawing for each grade level for any student who turned in at least one order.

Over the course of the sale, if your child turns in 5 orders they get admission to the Green and Gold Party that includes fun blowups and a DJ!

If selling magazines is not for your child, you can also get donations to support the school. One $15.00 donation counts as one magazine sale.

How to get into the Green & Gold Party
Turn in $75.00 worth of donations which counts the same as 5 magazine orders.
Have any combination of donations and sales to gain admission into the party.
(Example:  Sell 3 magazines and get $30.00 in donations to reach the 5 items to gain admission into the party.)

Cash donations are an easy way to support our PTO and we get a much higher percentage of the profits with cash donations compared to making one magazine sale.

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